Dr Rajlaxmi Singh (Dentist)

Dr Rajlaxmi Singh

Dr Rajlaxmi (Raj) Singh graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and is proficient in all aspects of Dentistry.

She is a member of ADA (Australian Dental Association) and has been constantly mentoring overseas Dentists to clear their Australian Dental Exams.

Smile: A reflection of your self-esteem

She focuses on overall improvement of your oral health since the smile is not just about the teeth, but also about the confidence and inner peace that reflects on your face. As oral health is related to general health, she follows a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each individual’s needs. She is empathetic and fun-loving while interacting with patients.

Focus on the patient

She is highly skilled in patient education, dental treatment for kids, root canal treatment, fillings, with a special interest in crowns, bridges and extractions. Her organised, ethical and gentle approach ensures comfortable appointments with detailed explanations that help patients to take informed decisions.

Outside of the Office

Fondly known as “Raj” by her friends, family and students, she spends her leisure time in reading, baking and painting.

Dr Raj is multilingual, speaks fluently in English, Hindi, Marathi and even understands Punjabi and Gujarati.

Dr Rajlaxmi Singh


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