Dental Patients

A straighter smile is priceless. Having properly aligned teeth lowers your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and TMJ disorder. But it’s also a beautiful accessory that impacts your self-esteem and personal life. Feeling great about the way your smile looks often starts with addressing problems like crooked or crowded teeth.

We offer several types of braces for you to consider, based on your oral health needs.

  • ClearCorrect — Translucent, removable orthodontic aligners move your teeth without metal brackets or wires. Adults (especially busy parents and working professionals) love them for the subtle appearance and convenience they have to offer.
  • Traditional Braces — Conventional orthodontics work well at any age, whether you’re 12 or 72! Predictably guide mild to severely misaligned bites into a healthier, harmonious smile!
  • Ceramic Braces — Tooth-coloured braces blend in with your smile, so they’re less noticeable during everyday conversations. They’re great for adults who don’t qualify for ClearCorrect but want a cosmetic alternative to traditional orthodontics.
Dental Patients

Your Orthodontic Consultation

Getting braces always starts with a comprehensive exam and evaluation of your teeth and jaws. During your assessment, we’ll have a series of photographs and X-rays taken to take multiple aspects of your oral anatomy into consideration.

Orthodontics can help to manage a variety of dental concerns, including:

Gaps between teeth

Periodontal disease

Crossbites, overbites and underbites

High cavity rates

TMJ disorder

Abnormal tooth wear

During your consultation, we’ll have enough information to determine approximately how long you will need to wear braces. Most people complete their orthodontic treatment within 9-12 months for milder cases. More comprehensive needs typically take slightly longer.

When we have an idea of the duration of your treatment and select the type of braces right for you, we’ll provide you with a detailed care plan that outlines all of the costs involved.

Are You a Candidate for Braces?

You’re never too old to enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile. Adults and children of all ages can receive convenient orthodontic care right here at our office.

We recommend scheduling an orthodontic evaluation for all children by age 7. From there, we’ll monitor tooth development and biting patterns (occlusion) at each checkup to intervene when necessary.


Take a step towards a straighter smile. Visit our family practice for quality, convenient orthodontic therapy at any age. New patients are always welcome!

* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.