Porcelain Veneers


Do you avoid smiling due to teeth that are chipped, crooked, worn, or discoloured? We offer an ideal solution to enhance the appearance of your smile: veneers!

What Are They?

Veneers are ultra-thin shells made of tooth-coloured translucent porcelain or composite resin. These shells are then bonded to the front of your teeth to enhance your smile. Veneers are used to conceal various aesthetic concerns, and can dramatically improve the shape, colour and layout of teeth. With veneers, we can craft a beautiful, natural-looking smile for you.

The Process of Getting Veneers

The first step of getting veneers in an initial consultation. Your dentist will obtain a comprehensive look at your mouth from taking X-rays or intraoral photos. To give you an idea of how your smile will look with veneers, we can create a wax mock-up of your veneers.



For porcelain veneers, we use an off-site lab where the veneers are professionally customised for your teeth to get stunning results. Each veneer is handcrafted by our partnering technicians. Porcelain veneers are an ideal choice for getting dramatic results on multiple teeth when you desire the most enhanced outcome possible.

Due to the design process involved, please plan for at least two appointments. During your first visit, we will prep your teeth and take an impression. The permanent veneers will be placed about two weeks later.


If you choose composite dental veneers, these can be designed chairside during the same appointment. In just two hours or less, you can have a brand-new smile. We’ll hand-select the precise shape and shade of each tooth to meet your preferences.

Although composite veneers are not as durable as porcelain ones, they’re more cost-effective. If you have only a few teeth that need to be enhanced or need faster results, we will likely recommend same-day veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary benefits of having veneers?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, veneers can close any gaps in teeth, possibly eliminating the need for orthodontic treatment. If you have teeth that are too short or long in relation to your other teeth, you can achieve a balanced look with veneers. Getting veneers also can boost your confidence dramatically. If you’ve refrained from smiling in the past due to tooth imperfections, you can enjoy renewed confidence with veneers.

How do I take care of my teeth after getting veneers?

Maintain your usual hygiene regimen of brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily. You also should come in for regular scale and clean appointments.

Will I experience any sensitivity after getting veneers?

Shortly after getting veneers, you may experience mild sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. That’s because a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed to get veneers. Any sensitivity should disappear in a few days.

Are there restrictions on what I can eat after getting porcelain veneers?

While porcelain veneers are very durable, they still can break because porcelain is glass. We recommend refraining from chewing ice or eating foods such as nuts, hard candy, crusty bread or popcorn. You also should never use your teeth to open packages.

Do veneers stain?

While veneers should never stain, your natural teeth can get stained if you consume red wine, coffee, tea, etc., or use tobacco products.


If you’d like to achieve a dazzling smile with veneers, contact Parramatta Green Dental today to schedule an appointment!

* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.