White Dental Fillings


Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Parramatta

When you have a cavity, a fast, minimally invasive approach to care is the best strategy. Diagnosing decay early allows us to place smaller and modest restorations that preserve the largest amount of tooth structure possible. To do this, we incorporate composite (white) fillings that are healthier for your smile.

Matched to Your Teeth

White fillings come in a variety of shades. During your treatment at Parramatta Green Dental, we’ll use a colour guide to match the composite to the hue of your teeth as closely as possible.

Composite acts differently from metal fillings, in that it bonds directly to the porous surface of your teeth. As such, we can place it in more areas, including smooth surfaces towards the front of your smile. This property allows us to use the smallest fillings possible, removing only the area of decay and the thin layer of tooth immediately surrounding it.


What to Expect

Getting a dental filling is a straightforward procedure that most people experience at some point in their lifetime. That being said, it’s normal to feel slightly nervous. Knowing what to expect can help put your mind at ease.

After rubbing a desensitising gel on the gums next to your tooth, we’ll administer a small amount of local anaesthetic to numb that area completely (it will wear off within a few hours). Next, the cavity is cleaned out with a small tool. When a healthy surface is left, we shape composite into the opening and cure it with a bright light. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be able to see your filling at all because of how well it blends in with your smile.

Metal Filling Removal

If you have existing amalgam (silver) restorations that have mercury, we can safely remove and replace them with a healthier, more cosmetic alternative. A white filling is ideal.

Larger fillings that leave brittle teeth behind can be changed out with a porcelain crown.

Sedation Dentistry Is Available

If you’ve been putting your filling off because of dental phobia, anxiety or a sensitive gag reflex, we can help! Our safe dental sedation options allow you to relax throughout your appointment and complete all of your necessary treatment. Choose between happy gas or deeper sleep dentistry with an anaesthetist.


Contact us today to schedule an exam and X-ray to treat your decaying tooth while the cavity is still small.

* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.