It’s only natural that those considering tooth implants to restore their smile will have some concerns or questions before going ahead with the procedure. Dental implants are an excellent method of replacing severely damaged or missing teeth. But since the process involves surgery, you may be wondering whether you face any risks or complications with the dental implant procedure

Are dental implants safe?

The quick answer is yes. Dentists have been placing dental implants successfully for more than 30 years. Moreover, advancements in dental technology, including virtual planning and computer-guided implant placement and navigation systems, have made dental implant surgery faster, safer, and more comfortable. Provided a patient is in good general health, there is minimal risk of complications or problems with the dental implant procedure.   

However, patients must have good dental health before getting dental implants.

Conditions that could prevent a patient from getting implants immediately are:

  • Active gum disease
  • Pre-existing chronic disorders such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Insufficient healthy bone tissue to support the implant 

But having these conditions doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have implants at a later date. However, a few people would be ill-advised to use dental implants. These include 

  • Heavy smokers unwilling to stop
  • Those with sensitivity to zinc, copper, nickel, and lead that is often alloyed with titanium to strengthen implants

So, how safe are dental implants?

One study found that 90-95% of implants were still in good condition ten years after placement. Other studies suggest that dental implants are 95-98% successful for 40 to 50+ years. 

Understanding the risks

Having determined that you qualify for the dental implant procedure, our dentist will talk you through any potential risks and things to be aware of in your case. 

Some patients are more at risk of complications than others. That said, these problems are treatable and depend to a great extent on the level of care a patient takes before and after dental implant surgery

What are the risks and complications of dental implants?


Infection is one of the most common complications with any invasive medical procedure, but there are ways to help prevent this, and there are always treatment options available. 

are teeth implants safe parramattaCompromised healing

Various health conditions like bone disease, cancer, and diabetes may compromise the implant’s integration phase into the jawbone.

Depending on the severity of the situation and after discussions with your doctor, our dentist may decide an alternative treatment would be better. 

Nerve damage 

Nerve damage could occur at the dental implant site, but with modern technology and precision planning, this risk is reduced. 


If subjected to a particularly acidic oral environment, the titanium material of the implant could corrode. Also, if you have metal fillings in your mouth, it’s possible for these to negatively interact with a titanium implant. 


This is when the gum tissue around the implant becomes infected. It can occur during surgery if strict hygiene rules aren’t adhered to or if the patient fails to follow the post-surgery instructions provided by the dental team.  

Insufficient bone

On occasions, the implant may not fuse properly with the bone. This is more common in patients with a weakened jawbone and can usually be avoided with detailed pre-implant planning and surgeries such as bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone. 


Another complication, albeit rare, is implant rejection. This occurs when a patient suffers an allergic reaction to the implant, or their immune system reacts to the ‘foreign body.’ 

Are dental implants safe for the elderly?

Yes, they are. As long as the patient is healthy, there is no upper age limit for those requiring tooth replacement options. Dental implants can be life-changing for all ages. 

The bottom line – dental implants are safe

Dental implants have been placed successfully for over 40 years with a success rate of 98%. What’s more, the dental implant market, which stood at US$4,104,8 million in 2021, is forecast to grow to US$7,063.4 million in 2028, which indicates demand and confidence for implant dentistry are escalating. 

Provided patients prepare correctly for their implant procedure, maintain good oral hygiene at home, and follow the aftercare instructions provided by their dentist, implants can be highly beneficial and transform lives. 

Are you ready for dental implants?

Would you like to learn how dental implants could help you? We’d love to schedule an appointment so you can find out if you qualify for the procedure. 

Our dentists are highly experienced in dental implants, so you are in safe hands. We utilise the latest technologies and provide you with comprehensive instructions to aid recovery and healing after your surgery. 

So, don’t delay. Dental implants at our clinic are safe and effective and the best way to restore your smile permanently. Why not contact Parramatta Green Dental to book an appointment and take the first step to restore your smile. 

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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