Ignoring tooth pain is never a good idea, as it’s usually indicative of an underlying issue with the teeth or gums. If you don’t visit an emergency dentist for treatment, this could lead to a tooth infection that puts your oral and overall health at risk.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to eliminate a toothache and what interim measures you can take until you see the dentist. Let’s get started.


What causes toothache?

In order to get relief from a toothache, you first have to find the source of the pain and then treat it. More often than not, a toothache is simply a warning sign. Your emergency dentist will need to investigate further to find out the root of the issue and provide true relief. A toothache can be caused by the following:

  • Gum disease
  • The eruption of wisdom teeth
  • Dental decay
  • An abscessed tooth
  • A lost filling
  • An injury to your mouth 

If your tooth pain is unbearable and is not responding to over-the-counter medication, you may have a dental emergency. In this case, seek professional care from an emergency dentist as soon as possible.



How to get toothache relief?

Here are seven reliable methods for relieving tooth pain:


1. Rinse gently with salt water

If you’re experiencing pain due to tooth decay, try gently rinsing your mouth with a warm saline solution. The saline solution can help keep the decayed part of your tooth clean and free from infection. If food or debris is trapped in the area, you can also try cleaning it out by flossing gently. Next, gently brush the area with a soft toothbrush. If you prefer, you can also rinse it with a 50% solution of hydrogen peroxide.


2. Hold your head up high

Raise your head above the rest of your body to improve circulation and relieve toothache pain. If you have a toothache severe enough to keep you up at night, try propping up your head with pillows.


3. Peppermint tea

Toothaches can be painful and frustrating, but peppermint may offer some relief. Peppermint contains compounds that have a numbing effect, which can help ease toothache pain. Peppermint’s minty flavour and smell come from menthol, which is also antibacterial. Make peppermint tea by mixing one teaspoon of dried or one bunch of fresh peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water. Let the mixture steep for 20 minutes. After the mixture cools, you can swish it in your mouth before swallowing or spitting it out.

Another method is to take a slightly warm, wet tea bag and hold it against the tooth until the pain goes away. This may take several minutes. Another temporary solution for an aching tooth is to place a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil on the tooth.


4. Thyme

Thyme has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help treat tooth pain. Mix one drop of thyme essential oil in a glass of water to create a natural mouthwash. Another way to soothe a toothache is by adding a few drops of water and thyme essential oil to a cotton ball. Once the cotton ball has soaked up the mixture, press it against the sore tooth. 


5. Cold compresses

If you have swelling in addition to your tooth pain, hold a cold compress against the outside of your face for a couple of seconds.


6. Over-the-counter pain medication

While pain medication may take away the pain for a little while, it is not a treatment and should only be used as a way to get by until you can see a dentist. If you choose to take aspirin, swallow the tablet whole instead of placing it directly against your gums.


7. Contact an emergency dentist

tips tricks relief discomfort teeth pain parramattaEmergency dental care can help stop the pain and further damage to your gums and teeth. Your emergency dentist will suggest one or more of the following treatments depending on the severity of your dental emergency:

  • Root canal: It is a treatment in which the infected or damaged nerve tissue and blood vessels inside a tooth are removed.
  • Dental crown: Using a crown can help improve the appearance and function of a tooth that has experienced damage, such as cracking or chipping. 
  • Tooth extraction: Your dentist will often recommend this course of action if you have a decayed or broken tooth. 


Relieve your tooth pain at Parramatta Green Dental 

If you’re in dental pain and need emergency dental assistance, Parramatta Green Dental is here to help. Our experienced dentists can provide the care you need to get rid of your pain and improve your oral health.

We know toothaches can be debilitating, so we offer convenient appointment times to get you the assistance you need as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing a toothache, contact us at (02) 9538 7875 today.





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